Name: Uveneer-Clear Template System

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Uveneer – Clear Template System Produces Glossy, Contoured Direct or Indirect Composite Veneers

A new invention from Australia – Uveneer, a clear template system comprising ideal tooth sizes and proportions, produces glossy, contoured direct composite veneers- just like natural teeth. Simply lay the selected composite on the tooth, press the Uveneer template onto the bonded, roughened buckle surface, then light cure. The result will be a highly polished surface (with no oxygen inhibiting layer). This process also saves time because there is no need for polishing or carving.

The Uveneer system produces predictable and reliable outcomes, with little need to rely on great dexterity or artistic ability, and its templates are autoclavable. By combining improved composite materials with an innovative and unique delivery technique dentists can now create goals that were not possible before, resulting in conservative and functional restorations with excellent longevity and aesthetic.

Other uses for the system include patient mock-ups (a great marketing tool), all cases of Class V restorations, and indirect veneer applications, including temporaries for porcelain. For more information, visit the website or call +61 3 9527 2273

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