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The Swiss have a worldwide reputation for precision, reliability and their passion for details. How creative and inventive the Swiss can be in implementing their ideas are underlined by the current competence campaign of Swiss dental manufacturer COLTENE.

The new “Upgrade Dentistry” corporate mission statement was presented to an audience of professionals for the first time at the IDS 2017.

Extra quality and service
With the motto “Upgrade Dentistry”, innovation leader COLTENE embarked on its latest quality campaign during the 37th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. COLTENE is convinced that everything can always be a little bit better, easier and more reliable.

The company has termed this approach “Upgrade Dentistry”. Everyone tends to be delighted by an upgrade, after all this usually implies an improvement in whatever form.

An upgrade when travelling or in the digital world generally suggests greater comfort and first-class service. This extra in quality and service has always been an aspiration of the inventive dental company in Altstätten.

In a major awareness campaign, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art composites and sophisticated treatment auxiliaries focuses on its image in a bold and eye-catching manner. Dentists, practice teams and dental technicians can choose from a range of exciting offers to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry, ranging from endo workshops at a premier division football team to a daily current newsletter.

Practical solutions
The genuine sincerity with which the research and development department follows its quest for practice-oriented solutions is more than confirmed by the fill of innovations which COLTENE again showcased at the world’s leading trade fair for the dental industry.

By popular demand, the pioneer in esthetic filling therapy has extended its portfolio of high performance composites by an additional flow variant as well as a flexible CAD/CAM composite bloc for fabricating inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. All composites in the “BRILLIANT” product range are distinguished by exceptional gloss retention without requiring extensive polishing.

In prosthetics, the scannable AFFINIS DCode A-silicone bridges conventional impression techniques and fast digitisation. To simplify compliance with hygiene regulations, the smart BioSonic UC 150 ultrasonic cleaner records all the essential parameters of the cleaning cycles on its hard drive.

Jörg Weis, Marketing Director, explains the secret behind the success of the Swiss dental specialist: “Due to our close collaboration with leading universities, dentists and dental specialists we do not need a catalogue of over 200 supposed world novelties. We focus on smart solutions within the individual dental disciplines, solutions which offer a real added value in daily practice.”

Those interested in the future of dentistry may find practical tips and information at as well as on the company’s various online channels.

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