Author: Dr Nobu Kitahara, Japan

Key challenges
* Teeth severely damaged because of the fall
* Patient doesn’t want extraction (especially the most severe damaged #12)
* Patient wants to have esthetic result but with minimally invasive preparation (used Porcelain Laminate Veneer)

All-ceramic solutions are better for this particular patient because of esthetic and natural results. In particular, PLV (Porcelain Laminate Veneer) provides minimal intervention and good esthetic characteristics.

However, they are not retained with a mechanical structure. It is essential to apply a high-performance dental adhesive between porcelain restoration and the tooth side. Esthetic results stand on the “Function, Structure and Biology” concept.



Fig. 1: Which are the ceramic teeth? Which are the real teeth?
Screen Shot_Nobu



Fig. 2: ‘Function, Structure, Biology concept

Esthetic Dentistry stands on the “Function, Structure, Biology” concept like a house. When we build a house, we have to check the land condition. Even when we build the esthetic house, it may collapse if the land condition was not so good.


Fig. 3a & 3b:

Patient is a 35-year-old male. He fell down from stairs and wounded under the lips fracture 12,11,21.











Fig. 4: Structure

Ferule Post core Adhesion







Fig. 5: Biology
Biotype Biologic width








Fig. 6: Preparation for 12 Crown, 11 21 PLV




Fig. 7: Function
Anterio Guidance Pronunciation






Fig. 8: Esthetic
Materials selection
Layer technique





Note: This article was originally published in DPN1/2016 issue. To request for the article pdf in magazine layout, pls email to:


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