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Interdental cleaning before brushing is the best way to clean our teeth effectively, according to a new research.

The study found that flossing loosens bacteria and food debris from between the teeth, which allows brushing to be much more successful at removing plaque. Those that interdentally cleaned before brushing were left with a much cleaner mouth than those who did it afterwards.

It is indeed very important to have a healthy mouth, as recent studies have linked poor oral health to heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

Interdental brushes come in a range of different sizes, from as thin as 0.4mm to as thick as 1.5mm. They should be able to fit between your teeth comfortably, and you shouldn’t have to use much force.

Guide to interdental brushing:

* Hold the interdental brush between your thumb and forefinger.

* Gently place the brush through the gap between your teeth – don’t force the brush through the gap.

* Brush in and out of each space between your teeth.

The research, published in the “Journal of Periodontology”, also found that cleaning interdentally before brushing is better for our teeth because more fluoride is likely to remain in the mouth afterwards.

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