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There are many aspects and stages in our everyday lives that require looking after our teeth. From little children to young parents and the elderly, special attention is needed in order to achieve optimal dental health.

Mother and baby
From 6 months of age baby teeth erupt then at 6 or 7 years permanent teeth start to erupt.

Brush your baby’s teeth from 6 months old and supervise to 7 years of age. Avoid sugary medicine and drinks.

Use teething gels and rings when your baby is teething Breast milk is nutritious but clean the teeth and gums after as it is very sugary. Have healthy snacks like cheese, vegetables and fruits rather than sweets, cakes and fizzy drinks. Get your baby used to dental environment by visiting Dentist from 6 months old.

During pregnancy
During pregnancy your gums can bleed owing to hormonal changes. Visit the Dentist or hygienist for regular clean-ups. Morning sickness can cause acid attack on the teeth from vomiting and therefore erosion: eat little and often. Maintain a balanced diet and rinse with plain water after vomiting. Take calcium for strong bones and teeth for you baby.

For elderly
Gums may recede and cause sensitivity due to exposed dentin in roots. This causes increased risk of tooth decay. The Dentist can often cover these areas up with a simple filling.

Arthritis can cause difficulty brushing so use power toothbrush. Use magnifying mirrors as poor eyesight can make it difficult to see how you brush.

Medication can cause dry mouth, ask the Dentist for options for this. Care of dentures, bridges and implants is important. Follow the guidance of your clinician and have them checked periodically. Persistent mouth ulcers greater than 3 weeks should be investigated for risk of mouth cancer.

For special needs patients
This can be challenging and sometimes require special provisions. Regular check-ups are important for prevention where possible.

Note: This article is written by UK-trained dentist Dr Haleh Ghoddousi, who practices at Q&M dental clinics at Raffles Place, Orchard Centrepoint, Hougang Central, Yew Tee Point and Seletar Mall.

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