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As part of our efforts to bring world-class dentistry to the region, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Asia-Pacific edition of Clinicians Report dental publication.

Clinicians Report Asia-Pacific is published under license from US-based Clinicians Report by world-renowned dentist Dr Gordon J. Christensen.

Based in Provo, Utah, Clinicians Report (CR) was founded in 1976 by clinicians who believed practitioners could confirm efficacy and clinical usefulness of new products and avoid both the experimentation on patients and failures.

The dental publication was developed to test various types of dental products and disseminate impartial information and results to dentists throughout the world.

Scientific publication with reputable clinical expertise
CR Asia-Pacific is essentially a scientific publication with research-based contents by CR Foundation, publisher of US-based Clinicians Report. Research is the basis of all contents published in CR Asia-Pacific, with over 450 clinicians conducting clinical and field trials in 19 countries worldwide.

There are only a handful of scientific dental publications in this region, and CR Asia-Pacific is proud to be among these few.

CR subscription rate: S$280 a year
Subscribers will also become part of CR community with regional network for dental study clubs and meetings.

To subscribe to CR, pls email to:

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