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Japan-based Roland DG Corporation has transferred its 3D business to a newly established and wholly-owned subsidiary, DGSHAPE Corporation. The 3D business consists of the development and sales of 3D milling machines, 3D printers, engraving machines and photo impact printers.

Since introducing the world’s first desktop-sized 3D milling machine in 1986, Roland DG has developed a variety of innovative digital technologies.

Their 3D products are acclaimed worldwide for compact size, ease-of-use and affordability. The products are used for a wide range of applications from creating product prototypes and educating students in product design to crafting custom items.

DWX milling machines
In 2010, Roland DG leveraged its 3D milling technology to introduce the DWX series dental milling machines used for fabricating dental prostheses such as crowns, copings and bridges. The DWX series has gained recognition among dental labs worldwide for their precision, user-friendliness, robust reliability and open system.

Today, the DWX series has become a major growth engine for Roland DG’s 3D business, accounting for 60% of sales in that segment.

Faced with significant changes throughout its 3D product portfolio, Roland DG determined that the best approach for increasing visibility for its growing 3D business would be to spin it off as an autonomous company.

DGSHAPE will provide further value throughout the dental market by developing marketing channels with dedicated sales and marketing teams, bringing fresh technical innovation to digital fabrication tools and developing solutions based on the open system concept.

DGSHAPE notes that some manufacturers in the dental market provide closed systems that assist with the fabrication of dental prostheses, with packaged systems consisting of dental scanners, CAD/CAM software, milling machines and proprietary materials.

DGSHAPE, on the other hand, has adopted the “open system concept,” where users can combine Roland DG dental milling machines with popular scanners and CAD/CAM software, and choose the optimum dental prosthetic materials for their patients rather than being locked in to one manufacturer.

Mission and Vision
According to Mr Kohei Tanabe, president and CEO of DGSHAPE, the mission of DGSHAPE Corporation is to harness the 3D digital fabrication technologies and expertise that Roland DG has developed over more than three decades as well as its proprietary digital cell production system and global customer service and support system in order to provide advanced digital manufacturing and fabrication solutions.

“DGSHAPE intends to deliver a greater level of added value that advances a new age of digital fabrication by not only developing innovative hardware and software, but by providing more efficient production workflows, enhanced service and support including consulting and an open innovation environment that can generate a thriving business through exploiting next-generation technologies such as Cloud, IoT, AI and robotics,” said Mr Tanabe.

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