Name: How digital workflow can revolutionize your dental practice

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Do you know the dental trends that are happening now? What technologies are advancing these trends?

– Patient satisfaction is higher when digital platforms introduce convenience. This is true for intraoral scanning versus conventional impression taking.

– Dental professionals who are more receptive to new digital technologies (especially the younger generation) have a higher preference to use digital technology over conventional techniques in dentistry.

– Chairside digital dentistry solutions, especially for provisional restoration and single tooth solutions are becoming more popular and common.

– Prosthetic-driven implant placement and with the help of guided surgery becomes attractive because it enables a level of predictability and consistency that is less easy to achieve with traditional methods.

– Good communication between surgeons, prosthodontists, lab technicians and patient, is one of the key success factors in treatment planning.

To learn more, Prof Tim Joda, Dr Gary Finelle and Dr Jerry Lim will be delighted to share with you more on how Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry can revolutionize your dental practice.

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