Name: Enamel Remineralization Products: How helpful are they?

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Remineralization of tooth structure has been a long-time goal in the profession. Based on laboratory studies and manufacturer claims, some optimistically predict that cutting teeth will soon be outdated.

However, on hearing practitioner experiences with remineralization, TRAC Research conducted a practice-based trial to determine if remineralizing products were effective. The results will frustrate you.

Remineralization is a “hot” word in dental caries treatment in 2015. Practitioners are being advised to remineralize lesions rather than excavate. In their eagerness to provide solutions for patients, clinicians often use treatments that lack real-world clinical research. This has resulted in considerable expense to patients and embarrassment to clinicians when little or no benefit was realized.

This report summarizes findings from a practice-based 5-year clinical study of six products that claim to remineralize enamel. The research question asked: Can products claiming enamel remineralization prevent or slow demineralization that often develops during orthodontic treatment when optimal oral hygiene is difficult?

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