Digital Smile Design (DSD) Hands-on Workshop

  • Sat, Feb 03, 2018 - 10:58 AM

Official DSD Certification Course (Level 1)
2-days hands-on workshop program to be conducted by certified DSD Instructor

* Introduction to Digital Smile Design
* Digital Photography protocols
* Hands-on analogue smile design
* Live patient mockup
* Emotional Dentistry and communication tools
* Integrating Digital Smile Design into your practice

* 2D Digital Smile Design principles
* 2D Case presentation to patients
* 3D Digital Smile Design protocols
* Capturing the best photos and video for 3D presentation
* 3D printing, scanning and milling technology
* Communication and ethical sales skills when talking about DSD with patients
* Implementation of 2D and 3D smile design into your practice
* Getting your team involved

Note: Official certificate by DSD Global will be offered to participants upon successful completion of this course. Founded by Dr Christian Coachman, DSD has offices and dental labs in São Paulo, Madrid and USA.

To register for this certification course, please provide the following details and send email to: dpn@dentalnetasia.com

Full name:
Clinic name/address:
Mobile number:

For course registration, please email to: dpn@dentalnetasia.com

Cancellation Policy: No refund of course fee or deposit for non-attendance or cancellation by participants within 30 days of course date.




  • Dr Kamsiah Haider is a multidisciplinary dental specialist.
  • Her current interest is in Digital Smile Design which is a new field of her specialization.
  • The DSD technique enables her to be more exact in her approach to cosmetic dentistry.
  • She also practices bone-screw dentistry which combines dental implantology, prosthodontics and orthodontics.
  • She earns her membership of the International Association for Orthodontist (iAOi) in 2014.
  • Dr Kamsiah obtained her dental degree from the University of Malaya in 1987, and became a tutor and Lecturer in the Department of Prosthetics, Faculty of Dentistry.
  • She went to do her Masters in Prosthetics and Gerodontology graduate degree at Scotland’s University of Dundee and graduated in 1990.
  • She has been a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics and Implantology (ICOI) since 1997.
  • Dr Kamsiah was a full time lecturer at the University of Malaya and an Associate Professor at the International Islamic University and lectures on prosthetics and gerodontics.
  • Her dental implant journey started in 1990 when she attended the courses by the University of Goteburg in Sweden and subsequently in 1995 did her sabbatical in Perth, Australia with Dr Patrick Henry who is a Prosthodontist.
  • In 2013, on the introduction of Dr Patrick Henry, she went to Lisbon, Portugal she did a few mini-residency training with Dr Paulo Maló of the world famous Malo Clinic dedicated on the AO4 concept.
  • Dr Kamsiah has been in private practice since 1996.

Dr Kamsiah Haider with Dr Christian Coachman, founder of DSD Global


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Name: Digital Smile Design (DSD) Hands-on Workshop

Location: Medini Learning Centre, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Date: 4 – 5 May 2018




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