Dental Practice News (DPN) is an international publication for dental practitioners and professionals in Asia.

Our readers include dentists, dental hygienists and technicians as well as members of dental associations and organizations from around the region.

Since its inception in 2005, DPN has created a significant impact in the regional dental industry with its authoritative editorial content and excellent magazine presentation. DPN is highly regarded in the region for being an informative publication.

The publication covers the latest news, information and developments in global dentistry. DPN magazine aims to better serve the regional dental industry through an independent publication that provides a platform for information on trends and developments in dentistry.

For distribution of the magazine, DPN also has a special collaboration with influential dental organizations from around the region including:

  • Faculty of Dentistry, Trisakti University (FKG USAKTI) – INDONESIA
  • Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry (SJCD) – JAPAN
  • Asia Dental Alliance (ADA) – SINGAPORE
  • Islamic Dental Association of Malaysia (IDAM) – MALAYSIA

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