Name: Digital Workflow of Implant Surgery

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Implant case of male patient
Location of implants: 36, 46
Surgery date: 26 November 2017
Venue: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

This live implant surgery was conducted by Dr Firdaus Hanapiah as part of the Esthetic Dentistry 1.0 training program organized by Dental Converge.

Photo: Fig. 1

Caption: Scanned image of implant patient

After we receive the case model of the patient, we will use optical scanner to digitalize the model. Then we will align dicom and digital model, and plan implants at 36 and 46.

Photo: Fig. 2

Caption: Models of implant case

Note: Received the models of patient. We will use optical scanner to scan the models.

Photo: Fig. 3 – 9

Caption: Design of the treatment plan for implant positions and surgical guide.

Photo: Fig. 10

Caption: Surgical guide manufactured based on the treatment plan and ready to be delivered to the dental clinic for surgery.

Photo: Fig. 11 – 13

Caption: Actual implant surgery conducted by Dr Firdaus Hanapiah in a dental clinic in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Acknowledgement: The organizers of Esthetic Dentistry 1.0 training program would like to thank Mr Anderson Hu from BenQ AB implant system (Taiwan) for his preparation work with the surgical guide in this implant case. He was present during the training program to assist Dr Firdaus with the implant surgery and hands-on workshop.

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