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3D Systems, whose technology enables production of the largest number of orthodontic aligners in the world, has unveiled the NextDent 5100 and 18 new NextDent resins, bringing the entire NextDent portfolio to 30 materials.

These latest additions to the company’s 3D digital dentistry portfolio, which includes solutions for dental laboratories and clinics of all sizes, enable improvements in patient care while once again revolutionizing the dental workflow.

By incorporating the NextDent 5100 into their workflow, dental laboratories and clinics are able to address – for the first time – more indications with one solution.

In the dental industry, indications are conditions that cause pain or discomfort and potentially endanger a patient’s life or health. For example, if a person has advanced gum disease and has lost several teeth, this would be an indication for dental implants or perhaps dentures depending on the severity of the disease.

With 3D Systems’ NextDent solution, dental laboratories and clinics are able to produce dental devices at dramatically increased speed – up to 4x faster than other available solutions – while reducing material waste and capital equipment expenditure as well as reliance upon milling centers. Benefits also extend to the patient by reducing the time it takes to produce prosthodontics and orthodontics, as well as the number of required office visits.

For example, by using the NextDent 5100 solution, dental labs can achieve a 70% – 80% decrease in the amount of time needed to produce dentures.

Additionally, patients are expected to need to visit the dentist only twice, versus the four to five visits currently needed.

Production of prosthodontic and orthodontic devices via traditional manual methods is labor intensive, and vulnerable to potential human error. Referencing denture production as an example, there are roughly 14 hours of work in the lab required from casting of the first impression of a patient’s mouth to delivery of the final denture.

Additionally, models need to be shipped back and forth between the lab and the dentist’s office where the patient will make an average of five visits to be fitted for the device. The process also results in significant material waste in the form of plaster and wax that is used in all iterations of the models working toward creation of the final product.

Precise, high-speed 3D printer
The NextDent 5100 is powered by 3D Systems’ proprietary Figure 4 technology, which facilitates high-speed 3D printing of dental devices and fixtures. The printer is compatible with industry-standard state-of-the-art intra-oral scanning and software solutions, delivering more precise results than conventional manual production techniques. This end-to-end digital workflow also provides higher and more predictable uptime, with a significant reduction in risk for the operator.

The NextDent 5100 is complemented by a portfolio of 30 unique NextDent resins – the largest number available from any dental material supplier. Offered in a variety of esthetic colors, these materials enable dental labs and clinics to provide finished products that closely match the patient’s own teeth and gums.

All NextDent dental 3D printing materials are biocompatible and CE-certified, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The materials are certified in accordance with medical device directive 93/42/EEC, listed at the FDA and also registered in various other countries.

“We’re bringing a complete digital dentistry solution to the market – combining an unmatched materials portfolio with leading 3D printing technology, software and services,” said Vyomesh Joshi, president and chief executive officer, 3D Systems. “We offer the industry’s widest range of regulatory-approved 3D printing materials and technologies that allow dental labs and clinics of every size to drive precision, productivity, and efficiency at a reduced cost for a wide range of dental applications.”

Compact FabPro 1000 expands choice for dental professionals
3D Systems’ digital dentistry portfolio also includes the FabPro 1000. The company previously announced this printer to address jewelry and engineering applications, and has expanded its capabilities to address dental indications.

This printer delivers exceptional quality and speed with lower total cost of operation. Engineered for precision, accuracy, efficiency, and repeatable results, the easy-to-use FabPro 1000 is designed as a low-cost entry point for customers who are new to the 3D printing market, or who may produce lower volumes.

3D Systems’ 3D Sprint software is bundled with the FabPro 1000 to facilitate preparation and optimization of CAD data, and management of the additive manufacturing process. The company is optimizing the FabPro 1000 desktop printer for compatibility with select NextDent biocompatible materials for specific dental applications, starting with surgical guides and orthodontic and denture models.

“For us, 3D printing delivers freedom,” said Sebastian Cornelissen, chief executive officer, Core3dcentres (Holland & Cordent, The Netherlands). “It’s the freedom to produce any shape in significantly less time and at a much lower cost than was possible with milling. With 3D Systems’ new NextDent solution which includes both the printer and materials, we will be able to improve productivity and patient care.”

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